What was it like to BE THERE?


If you are or were there,  please let us know about your inauguration experience.

If you weren’t there, tell us how you spent  Inauguration Day.

While we eagerly await responses – here’s that fabulous clip of Pete Seeger (and others <grin>) from Sunday’s Lincoln Memorial Concert.     !wOw!

19 thoughts on “What was it like to BE THERE?

  1. I physically will not be at the Inauguration BUT cannot wait to be glued to the TV tomorrow.

    Our country and world are ready for this wonderful man and I feel honored as well as privileged to be a part of this.

  2. In his speech, I took away a very important statement made by President Obama. The President wants to replace fear with hope. Let’s all unite with him in making this possible!!

  3. As a 62 year old woman, liberal and progressive, I found for the first time in DECADES that I am once again PROUD of my country! From Pete singing THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND to Aretha singing today, I was filled with gratitude. Barack’s speech was brilliant. His renouncing the horrors of the bush administration in front of Bush and Cheney showed the world that he IS tough and there is CHANGE happening right now!!!! This ism the greatest moment I have experienced in my life time (historically). To all those who “endured the slash of the whip”…….this is for them!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shirley, thanks SO much for sharing your passionate message and reminder. YES WE ARE!

  5. I think we teachers had a snow day just so we could all be home to watch this amazing, peaceful transition from one administration to another; and I am so hopeful for the future. I sat in my kitchen watching (as I made bread and chili in response to the snow) grinning as Aretha sang, and feeling such faith as I heard our new president tell us that, although things are not the best , we WILL be able to come together and fix them! It won’t be easy, but I really feel we are now truly entering into the “New Age”! This has come just after I have read an article in the N.Y. Times about “Jen”—no, not as in that actress from “Friends (which I’m proud to say I never watched) but as in Confucious—it all goes together! Anyway, it’s all good! Yay!

  6. I was just thinking about how my little aside about “Friends” wasn’t very friendly (and wouldn’t win me any good “Jen” points either!). Sorry–hope I didn’t offend anyone!

  7. THANKS, Mary Louise~
    it really WAS COOL that we eastern NC folk got a SNOW DAY on Inauguration Day. i bet Aretha helped a lot of us smile with faith – sure helped me 2!
    and i bet your stock of “good Jen points” is mile high. so fret not. as you wrote – it’s all good!

  8. This was the first election I have actually worked on which makes this victory even sweeter. I will have to make an embarassing confession, however: When George Bush flew off on the helicopter, I threw both of my shoes at the TV! I don’t know what came over me. Pray for me.

  9. sweeeeet lisa sent me to the inauguration with painted toes (‘always wild’) anointed feet and a golden dragonfly bag for the ball! being in dc was a joyously delightful experience. my friend grace, who is jamaican and just got her citizenship this year in time to vote, and i sent out gigantic smiles to everyone we met (except that one group that insisted on pushing in front of us when we’d just found our spot to see the jumbotron.) the chi girls next to us as we made it step by step along indpendence ave (i think) sent energy ahead to move us forward. each security checkpoint was closed, 7th, 12th, 14th, so we found a spot outside the fence with thousands of our closest friends. (they must have been close friends because one of them was leaning into grace’s arms and someone else was up against my butt). we knew then-yes we can, yes we did, yes we will- because we are carrying home a spirit of service, of confidence and humility, of openness to our neighbors. shall i go on?….

  10. As your token Republican friend please indulge me a moment.
    I do not think George W is and evil man and I am among those who said a prayer for he and Laura as they climbed aboard that Heli.
    I don’t agree with all he did-I do pray for his spiritual journey as we all have different paths.

  11. Karen, thanks SO much for taking us there with you. could feel the excitement and energy from here. YAY and THANKS!

    Ginger, you’re not anyone’s token ANYTHING sister – LOL! thanks SO much for your loving reminder. and i’m right there with ya holding the Bush family in my prayers as they begin their new life.

  12. I was there in spirt. I work hard to help get President Obama elected in Columbus County. I feel like I am free for the very first time in my life. I am dusted off and ready to do what is need in Columbus County to contine the movement.

  13. Well…I have never ever been late to open the store, but I just had to wait til Bush lifted off and away he went. I jumped on my bike and raced to the store…in walked an entire Inaguration Party and the special day began! My soul is ebullient in the face of history being made.I am hopeful and in awe that this country will shift back to saner ways. There is a palpable feeling in the air. I am so lucky to have the store and to have been in such a public place on Inauguration day. My customers were lifted to a higher place! What a celebration of humanity! It is fair to say that I have never in my lifetime experienced such a shift. Yeah! And now Obama has one mess to handle, Oye! Each and every day that he is in office, he signs away the evils of the past and we march on to a more hopeful future. And this is not just for us here in America…but for the people of the world!

  14. ooooooooooo Fern,
    i love imaging what it was like at Fern’s Garden on That day. thanks so much for taking the time to let us know.
    yup, we’ve definitely got one of the long and winding roads ahead. i share your HOPE.

  15. Ginger, you’re not Lisa’s only token Republican friend. I spent Election Day marveling at the opportunity in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. At the same time, I was absolutely heartsick with the man who took the Oath. I pray he proves me wrong, but he hasn’t so far. Change? Bringing in the Clinton administration is change? Like Ginger, I don’t believe George Bush to be an evil man nor did I agree with all his choices (particularly second term) but he braved public opinion to do what he thought right. Compare the way he left office and his transition to Bill Clinton leaving office – no comparison! I do pray for our new President, ’cause now he’s my President.

  16. Pickett,

    with YOU praying for our new Prez, i know we’re ALL in good hands.

    thanks and loveeeeeeeeeee to you!

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