do you believe in magic?

threeonalogMy friend Jo took this picture, not too far from my home.   Amazing, isn’t it?

When I look at it, one of the things I think about is miracles.   Here are three critters I wouldn’t expect to find in the same place at the same time.

I love it when I notice miracles.   I think they’re magic.

My dad was a Marine.   Every morning  he was home during my kid years, he and I would get up early – have Grape Nuts and tell each other about the miracles we’d seen the day before.   I used to think everyone had a dad like that.   I know better now.  The word grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about that man.

My dad passed in ’83.   I still miss him.  In his honor, I still TRY to like Grape Nuts.   And I still look for miracles every day.

Today I spotted a woman paying for the gas of the man ahead of her.   I don’t know if she knew him.  I do know he was blown away when he found out.  wOw.

What magic/miracles have you spotted lately?

personal note ~  I won’t be posting for a while.  This weekend is Camp Waccamaw – with my nephews’ kids (WILL post about that soon!).   Right after that, I’m headed to a contemplative leadership retreat.  And then I will be with my 84-year-old mom as she readjusts to home and heals from breaking her hip and arm.  So I look forward to your replies and will respond as soon as I can.   In the meantime, I send you all that is good.

4 thoughts on “do you believe in magic?

  1. I believe in magic – as defined by a shift in one’s perspective – so my answer is Yesyesyes – yes. and i also had a daddy (sorry but that is what he was) who showed me the wonders and joy and mystery of life.
    not only do i believe in magic but am currently shopping for a new wand. when you run Camp Wac. do you keep paragoric on hand? 😉

  2. my dear lisa~
    i was at my computer at work around 2:30 this morning, when a newsflash came on screen from the ny times “our president obama has just won the nobel peace prize” and instantly my mind went back to 1962, when i was working with s.c.l.c., in peach county georgia~ registering voters.
    i clearly remembered our little group (we worked in teams of 5) walking up to the countless farmhouses and medical clinics, grocery stores, restaurants, through fields and into offices and the back doors of fancy houses, to contact as many african americans as we could, and talk them into registering to vote. there was a great deal of resistance for the possible consequences,as so many people told us “it will take a miracle for our votes to be counted.”
    if anyone would have told me, (in 1962) that i would be alive to know our african american president had just won the nobel peace prize, i’d have thought~ “this will surely take a very large miracle~” and it did, here it is…..just today~ we are witness to a miracle.
    love, jstone

  3. I do love Janet Stone’s reply to your blog. Bless you, Janet for helping miracles happen. Very few of us ever take chances like that to make miracles become reality. Most of the things we do pale in comparison.

    I guess the miracles I see most often are “God’s photo ops.” Now that I’ve gotten interested in photography again (after years of taking ‘snapshots’), I am once again seeing all the wonderful things God becons us to stop and see. Amazing how having a camera in your hands causes you to stop and see so many beautiful things….one thing at a time. I love macro photography…the close ups. Amazing how much of God’s creation we look right over. And how beautiful it is if we just look closer. Lots of miracles out there that we never see.

  4. Carol, hope you’ve found your new magic wand, woman!

    Jane, wOw. to those of ou who don’t know it, Jane Stone is THE reason i started my biz. for all of these years, she’s been my mentor, friend, coach and hero.

    Tom, “God’s photo opps” – perfect!

    THANKS to all of you for replying here and for the many magical e.mails i’ve received from those who don’t like posting on blogs.

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