still stuck on that moon…

As soon as I let go of my disappointment over ECU’s loss in the Liberty Bowl last night(YAY Pirates!), I went outside with the wonder dogs.  This is what was waiting for us.

Some things just help put life in perspective, eh?   Last night’s moon-spotting made me think of a great reminder from one of my all time favorite artists ~

“We went camping once & the people next to us had a TV & they invited us over to watch the Miss America pageant & everyone said isn’t nature wonderful & after a while I went over to the dunes & watched the waves smile brightly in the moonlight.”

– Brian Andreas

3 thoughts on “still stuck on that moon…

  1. Nice Moon Lisa…I think I was looking at the same one…absolutely gorgeous! I like Brian Andreas’ comment. It reminds me of my numerous trips up Alaska’s inside passage on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry boat…while many on board were inside watching a naturist show his powerpoint of deer, eagles and bears, in Alaska’s wilds, I and a few other hardy souls were out on the deck watching the deer, eagles and bears…on the beach, in Alaska’s wild. Amazing what we will miss when we take our eye off the ball!

  2. Sorry…I meant naturalist….funny me. Havelock High School education. This is my exucse and I am sticking to it.

  3. Rick, the example you gave form your AK trip is exactly what i mean. am SO glad you braved the REAL. THANKS! and hey, HHS was good to us ~ go Rams!

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