get real

“Eat your vegetables.”  – mothers everywhere

This week I had my first REAL salad of the season.   Thanks to Ginger (a person not the spice), her green thumbs & generosity AND to Tom for building some fabulous raised veggie beds for her!

lettuceIf you haven’t ever fixed a salad from greens you just picked – well, you don’t know what you’re missing.    I drizzled mine with homemade peanut & ginger dressing ( I used natural crunchy peanut butter and omitted the tomatoes – til i can get some REAL ones <grin>) .

My mouth (and the rest of my body, too) was happy for HOURS.

Over the next weeks and months real veggies will be appearing – not by magic- by the hard working and loving hands of local farmers.

Our local farmers’ market officially opens on May 9.  I’ll be there – ready to fill several cloth bags and catch up with the wonderFULL folk there.

I can hardly wait!

There’s a lot of talk (and action) these days about organic, locally grown, fair trade, sustainable, etc.   Ya can’t get more of most of these than produce grown by one of your neighbors.

How are you getting real about how you feed your body?

PS ~ although this isn’t a recipe blog -your REAL veggie recipes are also welcome in this post!

5 thoughts on “get real

  1. Ahhh…salads from Ginger’s garden! A wonderful treat! I’ve eaten a salad from Ginger’s lettuce 3 times this week. Love ’em. I had completely forgotten how much better home-grown, fresh salads are. Thanks, Ginger!

    (All preceeding comments were given in a very shallow attempt to get more lettuce.)

  2. The sun has put the rest of the lettuce “at risk,” so come and gather more!! Glad you enjoyed it, but the raised beds make it easy!

  3. Lisa: I agree with getting real with feeding the body. The growing seasons of the year make this easier.

    However, it’s become more and more important as to how I feed my soul. Our 7 year-old son is autistic, and it’s difficult for us to participate in worship services each week at our church. As a result, I’ve had to find different ways to feed my soul. Self study, quiet time (need to develop a meditation time routine), and reading are some of the ways that I can help nourish my soul. And thank goodness for many spiritual friends (like you!) that I have regular contact with courtesy of the internet.


  4. thanks AGAIN ~ Tom, Ginger AND my pals at the Columbus County Farmers Market!

    Shay, i can only imagine the adventure of your dear family’s life. THANKS for all you teach me. i hold you all in my heart.

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